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Serving Native America in the Klamath Basin.
offered to the tribes to operate and eventually own.
For tribal members by tribal members.

An FM radio station that can reach all of the Klamath Basin.

It is our belief that it would help our tribes immensely by developing a radio station by the tribal membership for the tribal membership. There should be one....there is not.  Why? Why are people with no real connection to our tribes calling the shots?

It is also our belief that we at Modoc Broadcasting Corporation can bridge the gap of non performance for our  tribal names, Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin, to a name of performance by keeping the essence of who we are alive.  Alive with our languages and our history and the knowledge and ability to determine our own trajectory.                      


   Our Plants

Soon this location will house a page that is dedicated to the plants and animals that have to survive with out the protection of the Klamath Tribes.  Keep checking back as content is added.

Our Story

Modoc Broadcasting was formed in March of 2014 as an upstart to a construction permit for a Low Power FM license for Chiloquin Visions in Progress. As things often go, not enough planning took place to seek funding.


Formed in 2014

Modoc Broadcasting was formed in 2014 and is governed by a Board of Directors who are commited to bringing positive information to all listeners. ​

These images of the local and distant scenery, much of it the homeland of the Klamath tribes, are presented here to showcase nature! 


The history of our tribes mostly include the notion and the fact that our tribe governed ourselves based off of a time immortal aspect of tribal life: chieftainships. Our tribes had chiefs. They protected their people from harm and directed the inner workings of their existence. There were many types of chiefs. One for war, one for hunting, one for fishing, one for trading and one head chief for representation of the people who spoke one language and lived within a specific watershed...

Our existence is tied to the forest

The forest has provided for the people of the Klamath Tribes for millennia. Our existence is tied to the forest and our future is also. We need to be the ones responsible for its health. This includes maintaining the bol Wii and c'ewa(flora and fauna). Our intent here is to promote ideas in developing an economy based off of a Klamath tribal brand...

Police History

Before termination the Klamath tribes had a police force that upheld the laws of the tribes and kept offenders responsible for their actions. Our public laws and governing by-laws are what dictates our future. Without a way to police ourselves...

Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems, GIS is a very useful tool for collecting spatial data and making decisions based off of an analysis of geographical data.  GIS is not new to tribal people. In the past...

Tribal Youth

When speaking of our tribal youth we believe it is extremely important to include our youth who do not live here. Why would we not? They are just as much of our future as we are. They are not being represented. We believe that by providing this internet signal with messages intended for them will help in developing a plan for their return to  our homeland.

"Imagine that one day a young tribal member wakes for the day rested and happy and confident that life will bring happiness and security  for themselves and the tribes(s)
they belong to. They will realize  that life is what we choose it to be. This tribal member will not rely on handouts from the US Government for our survival. This young tribal member will start their day searching for truth and knowledge to assure that our people will survive long into the future so much so that the term "Seven Generations" will be redundant but yet be deemed invaluable."

WARNING! This website is somewhat educational and holds an entertainment value. It will require some amount of reading  and wondering. The information found here is not a set of exclusive materials that is  endorsed by the administration of the Klamath tribes.  This is  a private project being presented by a Federally recognized 501c3 tax exempt media corporation that desires a  hopeful future for the youth of the Klamath tribal membership. ​​


We  were left with the same responsibly that the first gazers into the Klamath basin had committed themselves to millennia ago. Nothing came before the preparation for their future which was born in their next generation, their youth of that time long long ago. Please Enjoy!

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