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Ideas for the Youth

Modoc Broadcasting realizes that unless our next generation is supported we will fall to the side in terms of economic success. Having grown up in a very functional tribal atmosphere will help guide a path for reaching the economic condition that will see growth and a standard of living that guarantees our prosperity.

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One  must consider their schooling. That environment needs vital attention through out all those years. A constant nuturing. A sweetening of the pie so to speak. As is all things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

As a student in the school system in Umatilla county there was always a tribal counsellor for the tribal students who was made available to encourage education. This works.

While it is good for the young tribal members to know and practice a way of civility that fosters prosperity, we believe that mimicking the very system that has precipitated the current "tribal" condition is not going to somehow magically start working. While we are faring better than we were a century ago our own standard  is not as on parr with the rest of society. In other words encouraging them to copy what the "adults " are doing will not some how magically change things. To really instill into the youth an  Indian way, effort must be made to include ALL tribal member youth. Not just  For some reason the K T Administration wants to count their votes in the future to benefit who?

Who do their votes benefit now? 
We at Modoc Broadcasting desire that the Klamath Tribal administration acknowledge these important individuals of the tribes and quit counting them as a means to and end that dont include them.

Much more to come.

Please, feel free to comment and make suggestions. We want this to be a tribal wide effort. Not just the members who reside in Klamath County.

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