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Ideas for Economic
Diversity an effort to bring about a tribal prosperity. So, how is that done? First off, definitions must be made. Declare  on a tribal level what is desired in no uncertain terms. This can be hard to do at times. If it is a statue of Bigfoot at the park then declare that! If it is something else declare that and DO NOT go back on your word. Simple. Or is it? It should not be.

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With a definition in mind a plan can be formed. The ideas can come from any tribal member with a wish  or a dream for their people. The notion being that the intent is for the whole tribe and not personal gain. This is how true tribalism is defined. This is what is lost now. This tribal value must return before true economic success will occur.

If a voting process is occurring, who gains? The tribal members utilizing a resource that is found in our homeland for the membership that doesnt due to no other means for survival? The point being is that this is not a form of democracy that is conducive for economic success. Is sovereignty an issue?  If it is then one must consider the motives of all the membership. We cannot have tribal members casting votes unrepresented. Please do not believe we are taking a stance against tribal members who do not live here. That is the total opposite. We at Modoc Broadcasting want the tribal members to return home. Where we all belong. The intent of this statement is to shed light on the fact that unless plans to re-unite our tribes in our homeland are made then there will only be limited success. Without the unity in our homeland our legacy will diminish. Unless....

Unless we form a Klamath tribal brand that is the representation of a forest based product(s) economy. A corporation of sorts that can let any tribal member create shares. A stake in the corporation. This plan will most definitely let any tribal member reside where ever their heart chooses and still be a very big part of our homeland and not only be rewarded with a dividend but also the idea that they have contributed to the well being of our homeland.What is the basis for this corporation? What more could be said is that this is the basis for the return of our people who had to find an existence elsewhere. To be truely strong and respected we must re unite at some point. If job become available then homes will follow. More to follow... 

1/7/19 - There is a tool that is used for planning in business so as to optimize profits or to minimize costs. Actually its not a tool but rather a form of math called Linear Programming. This tool allows a solution to be arrived at for optimization of variables and constraints. There are many flavors of models available for use that the tribes can empower to drive any and all business models. This is standard procedure for any any organization that wishes to succeed. The Klamath tribes would do good to elect council persons who are capable of developing a linear programming model to guide our progress. There is a difference in knowing how Fortune 500 companies operate and actually following suit and not just talking about it.

1/12/19 - I have mentioned on social media before that there is no incentive for the KlaMoYa Casino to grow. None. What we see now is as good as its going to get.  There is no attraction. I have and idea on how to increase visitor numbers. It goes like this. Fancy  dancing is relatively a new form of  dance in native circles that is very competitive  and colorful. Like a Casino. What if each casino had a Fancy Dance Troupe that represented their tribes' casino? What if scheduled bus loads of tourist were to come and bet on outcomes of dance off with other casino dancers? For example, the KlaMoYa dancers go to Warm Springs casino. A bus load of tourists stop on their way to Portland. They vote the winners and win bets. Or maybe the Warm Springs Casino dancers are here and a bus load of tourists going to crater lake? Or any combo of casinos and dancers. Now its not just the dancers involved. Dancers wear outfits beaded by Casino beaders. These dancers wearing official bead work must dance to custom songs by Casino singers. A complete economy. This is so doable. I have the plans written.  Beings that my work gets copied and ruined I will divulge those when and if I get elected.

2/22/2019 - We do have gathering rights. Each tribal member has a right to collect 1/2 of a cord of wood products from the forest per month. This is a valuable resource. As it sits now the wording for this arrangement indicates that there should not be a commercial aspect of this arrangement but it is the belief of Modoc Broadcasting that agreements can be made on the premise of forest health to produce a document that spells out the resource use as a commercial stock for products such as these wood racks made from materials off of the forest floor and $12 worth of hardware. 1 person built these in 2 hrs time and sold them for $75. This process can be industrialized to mass produce these types of products and then a marketing regime that brands out products as a Klamath Tribal Native American environmental stewards of their homeland.They keep their forest clean and turn a formerly unused resource into a cash product that they can expand upon. This is how it starts. There is much talking to do but now there is a talking point. I am a Forester and I kind of know what I am talking about. More detail to come. Can't turn it all out at once. It will get copied and ruined.

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