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Ideas for Starting a Tribal Police Force

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Police Force

There are two other tribal organizations in western Oregon who were terminated as the Klamath tribes were in the same general time frame. They were both restored to federal recognition some years later, prior to the Klamaths restoration to tribal status. There is a point to be made here. In both of the other tribal communities the demographics are very similar to Chiloquins in that  they are former reservation lands with populations consisting of 50% native and 50% non native residents. All around 1000 residents who must be safe from ill doers. The Grande Ronde and Siletz tribes have police forces and we dont.


It was later determined by the said author that it was  possible for the Klamath tribes to gain a police force. It just takes planning and a determination. One thing must occur though. The tribes must use some of their proceeds from the casino to fund this. The BIA will help with the rest. Modoc Broadcasting will present one possible path here for it to be possible to have a Klamath tribal police force that patrols the town of Chiloquin and the tribal housing in Klamath Falls. The gist of it is found in the notion of building a trust relationship  with the LEO's of Klamath county. 

There are  tribal police forces in BurnsGrande Ronde, Siletz, Umatilla, and Warm Springs. They all have a code of  operation found in  Oregon Senate Bill HR 412

Why cant we? It is possible but not being taken serious because it seems it may be too hard for some to get done. With all due respect, we at Modoc Broadcasting are of the mindset that it can get done with the right people leading. 

There is great merit in creating a police force. It shows maturity in decision making and a willingness to take  responsibility of our future. Many people may harbour  ill feelings towards law enforcement but let it be understood that without it a society will never prosper.

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