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Modoc Broadcastings Beginnings




...for the community of Chiloquin KQCF 88.1 FM was still in operation and was brought under the management of Modoc Broadcasting.  KQCF 88.1 was in operation on channel 206 on a frequency of 88.1 MHz from December of 2011 to the present KQCF is a  Native American themed station and is now found online on this website. 
The goal of Modoc Broadcasting is to share information in effort to bring a sense of tribal belonging to the membership of the Klamath tribes both in the Klamath basin and abroad. Our mission statement includes forming a coalition to bring attention to the youth of the Klamath Tribes. We wish to give them a voice and attention they deserve!

KQCF FM in Chiloquin, Oregon

Chiloquin is a quaint little town in southern Oregon  with a lot of Ponderosa Pine trees around. Click the image and check it out


Modoc Broadcasting is governed by Klamath Tribal Members who wish to help bring a new beginning to our tribes who have endured a tumultuous past but have strived to succeed.  We will succeed! 


This website is a tool that is in constant state of updating. There is info that is not included at this stage.

From here we would like to invite you to learn about the tribal happenings within the Klamath tribes and help to preserve our languages and spirituality and tribal values.

The goal is to provide a home base for our online radio station, KQCF 88.1 LPFM. We are currently working to  make it a station dedicated to the youth of the tribes and the tribal membership.

It can be said that we at Modoc  Broadcasting Corporation wish for re unification of our people who have had to move away from the wonder of our homeland in order to survive. In order to create  a stable existence here there must be homes and jobs to say the least but  there must also be a way of communicating information to the membership of new ideas and health information and other tribal concerns on a reliably  constant basis.

 The creation of an FM radio station and put in the tribes name is a solution to the lack of current credible information that is not coming from the tribes now. With proper programming and wise, honest, intentional messages aired for the youth  of the community, they will hopefully gain a sense of pride that withstands set backs that occur from time to time. It is our youth now who must be tasked with preparing for an ever increasing uncertain future. We have survived this long in our tribal history to not keep up with the times. Lets build a station together! Let the tribal administration know you want a station! 

Our Hopes


It is hoped that it will be possible for Modoc Broadcasting to broadcast on the air the Indian names given to our youth as a new beginning for our tribes with a voice. This is serious. Names are sacred. Ceremonies were held to pass down a name to a person from a time past. You were expected to act accordingly.
It would be wise to prepare on a tribal level the effort to re in-stil the importance of giving and receiving an Indian names to our youth. With names comes the desire to learn the languages.
There are many other causes to come together in honoring our foodstuffs. While the mullet ceremony is somewhat along those lines, it is never eaten. There are, however, many other items that we do eat and no honor or thanks for their presence to our creator are made. We use the deer and wocus and apaws and huckleberries and geese and ducks but no recognition of these are made. Our creator sees this and we are where we are. The youth are the ones that need to know these things.
To recognize the future and what it takes to stay competitive will require for the Klamath tribes to be informed on a large scale and be able to get information out in short notice. We should not be the only tribes in Oregon with no radio station. The reality is that there is one person holding it up. That person had been trying for years to try and get a station going just not hard enough.  Politics is not the intention of the author of this website but will have to become one to ensure that a radio station for the tribes comes to fruition.
What was the economy of the  Klamath tribes? 
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