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Reading is a good thing. It will broaden your horizons and illuminate the undiscovered areas of your mind.  It takes time but in the long run, time is distance and arrival at a destination is rewarding if it is one sought.

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Choices are made beings life is nothing more that a serie of choices. I have chosen to read  the info found on every one of these links. Some many years ago, some  much more recently. I can speak to some of this but will leave it up to you, the reader, to decide if it is worth talking about as it relates to non fiction reading and the progress of the Klamath Tribes. We are not going to be coddled and constant friction will wear heavy on mind and resources.

"We must face the future with all on this planet and at the same time seek respect as a tribal people from the surrounding communities as well as our selves. Our future is at hand at every moment and our past is with us as well at every moment. If we choose to, we can all come together and create greatness for the future to show respect to our past. The same respect we seek of others. It all starts by reading and respecting others. With respect for each other we then strive to seek solutions for each other. We can be what we choose to be as long as we have the blessing of our past and the courage to live up to what we say we will. To make this happen one must read." - Randy Henry

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